Living Fearlessly

Turning My “Luxury Lemon” into Lemonade

6 Months into 2016…

Let’s see, I’m 6 months into my fitness journey and I’m nowhere close to my goals, but I refuse to give up! My goals include the following…

  1. Working out five days per week: Unfortunately due to my cars engine failing, getting to the gym five days a week became challenging and my goal was not met. (As stated in my previous post, my 2009 BMW 328i with only 55.614 miles developed a hole in its engine; needless to say this will be my first and last BMW.
  2. Eating clean: My goal was to be 90/10 with my clean eating. 90% clean and 10% enjoying life. Right now I’m somewhere between 50/50 and all hell breaking loose in my diet.
  3. Growing my business: Dropping off samples around Baltimore proved difficult on a bike, but I’ve done a few events and gotten GREAT feedback! Once I’m mobile again I’ll hit the ground running (well driving, but you get the idea).
  4. Posting weekly to this blog: Nope, this DEFINITETLY didn’t happen. I’ve been so hyper focused on getting $6,000 to replace my defective engine I haven’t had the time to post.

With all this being said I feel like I’ve had some successes in these past 6 months.


Lost Seven pounds: Because I have been walking to and from work. I guess my defective engine had its perks.

Fit Recipes: I have been trying fit recipes. I have found a number of recipes on Instagram and in O Magazines while cleaning out back issues; most have been very tasty.

Urban Garden: I’ve started my urban garden, tomatoes, herbs, sugar- snap peas, and nasturtiums.

Family and Friends: Spending more time with family, even if it’s in the car, while I am being carted around. I have put away the phone and engaged in actual conversation.

Social media: I am learning more and more about Social Media, for a woman in her 50’s, this is a lot harder than it sounds!

Bar tending skill: I am a closet bar tender, every Friday, my sister and I have Its’ 5 o’clock somewhere cocktails. (This could also be counterintuitive to my fitness goals, but many of my drinks have antioxidants!)

Downloading Aps: I have a smart phone and I can count the number of apps on one hand. I have downloaded Uber, for times when I haven’t felt like biking or walking in the absence of my car. Hoot suite, to manage all of my social media, and my personal favorite the Sweet Green app (an amazing salad chain in select cities).

Manage my spending: Because I don’t have a car I can’t jump in the car and run to Home Goods, Target or other random stores.

I’ve been shopping local and have been very mindful of what I buy since I’ll have to carry it by hand or on my bike.

The November Project: I have learned about The November Project on one of my walks through my neighborhood. The November Project offers a great workout with supportive people and it’s FREE.

Small Business Classes: I have been attending a number of small business classes. I will grow my business!!!

Living Fearlessly: Yes, I have been working to be less rigid and try new things.

My Next Six Months

Buy a new car: most likely a Honda or Toyota SUV. I am done with BMW.

Small Business: Grow my family food business. I want to move my home-based business out of my home and into a commercial location.

Commit to Working-out: Get back to they gym 4-5 days per week

Body Building: Lay the groundwork to compete in master’s body building division. I’ll have to give up Friday happy hour, but I think I can do it!

Entertain family and friends more: Move to a larger place. Currently, my smaller space can make entertaining a challenge.

Opportunities: Turn setbacks into opportunities and make the most of the life I’ve been given.

Keep moving forward

Looking back over the past six-months, I may not have achieved my weight loss goals or even my eating clean goal. I haven’t been able to grow my business in the timeline that I developed last year, but I am still moving forward. I feel that I have handled the set backs with grace and realized that I am resilient and have the stuff and the determination to stay steadfast to achieve my goals.


BMW Weight Loss Plan

My BMW Weight Loss Plan

My BMW Weight Lost Plan

Thanks to BMW I’ve been on the right track for my weight loss journey. Who would have thought a luxury car company would help me to start losing weight, I surely didn’t. Give me a chance to explain, because I truly hope that nobody else becomes a victim of this weight loss plan.

In the past month I have dropped seven pounds and I attribute my weight loss to miles and miles of walking and biking riding paired for lifting weights. Why would one walk to the gym on leg day? I would have to be insane since the walk back from my gym is completely up hill, but thanks to a defective engine in my 2009 BMW 328i, I have no choice but to walk.

After multiple repairs to my heating and cooling system while the car was under warranty – now that the car is no longer under warranty – BMW has determined the root cause of the cars failing heat. BMW has now determined that my car needs a new engine. I have been told that my magnesium block is porous, which is a fancy way of saying that my car’s engine has a hole and is leaking coolant and isn’t drivable. My car only has 55,614 miles and is a DUD! BMW has offered to pay 60% of the $18,454 cost to replace my engine and I have to cover the remaining 40%  ($7, 418 + tax); but after paying for my car in full and keeping up with regular maintenance I think it’s a ridiculous request, which takes me back to my BMW weight loss plan…

I haven’t ridden my bike in 16 years, but I had to pull it out. Riding to the gym was a breeze. I was going down hill and could feel the wind flowing through my helmet, but the 2-mile ride going back home uphill was another story. Joggers and WALKERS passed me; I can’t even say I was embarrassed because I was so tired.

On days that I don’t bike around town I set out on foot, which is an equally difficult tasks in the city. One day I felt adventurous and walked the 2-miles to the gym, I felt great, completed my workout and then had to call Uber when I thought about the idea of walking the 2 miles up hill back home.

While I appreciate the fresh air and weight loss, I don’t appreciate the fact that a car that I have paid for is completely useless. I hope that in the next few weeks I will be able to come to an agreement with BMW that’s doesn’t involve me contributing the equivalent of closing costs for a house; but until then I will be walking, biking, eating right, and shedding these extra pounds.



Living Fearlessly

Living Fearlessly

I don’t make New Year’s resolutions and I am not going to start in 2016. However, I am making myself a promise to live fearlessly. I have finally reached that point or maybe its that age where I realize that I need to go for it, sink or swim. I am pretty certain I won’t sink because I am pretty good at floating, lol.

Last year, I had so many clean eating and work out plans for 2015. I just knew I was going to lose a bunch of weight and be in phenomenal shape. I began the year doing quite well. I went to the gym regularly. I did both my strength training and cardio workouts, both which I hate. But then things took a turn for the worst; I started selling my baked goods at a few local farmers’ markets.

You would think that being around fresh produce would make it sooooo easy to eat healthy. Well, for every farmer I think there were two vendors selling oh so wonderful, but not so healthy foods. And yes, I gravitated to those not so healthy foods, because they were ready made and I didn’t have to come home to clean, to cut-up, to cook and put away. I just had to eat and enjoy. To add to my calorie overload, I “had” to taste all of the products I made to make sure they were edible.

When I stared my farmers markets last year, I made sure to arm myself with a healthy lunch and healthy snacks. I just knew if I had my food I wouldn’t be tempted to buy anything. As time went and I added additional markets, and the year continued to move along I found myself with less time to prepare my healthy meals, and found it harder to resist all of those delicious treats at the markets.

When I started this blog in 2015-I thought it would help me be successful, because I didn’t want to fail in front of readers, supporter, friends and family. But, instead of posting my ups and downs, my successes and failures I didn’t post anything. My blogging ended just as fast as it started. I didn’t post anything, because I felt that I wasn’t able to show positive results each and every week. My works-out became hit or miss, mainly miss. My clean eating was anything but clean eating.

So as 2016 starts up I’m not going to make a New Year’s resolution, I’m simply going to work on keeping myself honest. I’m going to work on posting to this blog on a regular basis no matter what happens.  Because at the end of the day, I started foodies fit journey so folks could take this journey with me, and I am sure my journey will have a few bumps along the way. I am going to view the bumps as growth opportunities.

In 2016 I’m going to live my life fearlessly, after all I always tell my daughter that God didn’t give us the spirit of fear.

Clean Eating

Clean Eating

Eating clean, to me, means eating foods in their natural state or as close as possible. Don’t think of eating clean as a diet, but rather, as a lifestyle.

I don’t think that I will ever give up my Ben and Jerry’s Chunky Monkey, Coffee Toffee Crunch, or, my favorite, Chocolate Therapy. So, to keep it simple, here are a few steps to clean eating.

Eat five to six times a day.

I’ve stopped labeling my meals breakfast, lunch and dinner. I now just refer to them as a meal or a mini–meal.

Eat organic

Although expensive, try to purchase organic foods. I purchase organic chicken, milk and eggs. I eat lots of chicken and eggs. Also, I love a glass of milk with my peanut butter on Ezekiel Cinnamon and Raisin toast.

Stay hydrated – Drink at least two liters of water a day

The amount of water a body needs depends on a number of factors, health, how active you are, and where you live. Staying with the “keeping it simple” theme, keep the 8 by 8 by rule in mind (8- 8 oz. glasses of water per day). It’s just shy of two liters recommended, but 8 by 8 is easy to remember.

Read your labels

Clean foods usually contain no more than two ingredients and they are easy to read and pronounce.

Avoid processed and refined foods

Replace foods such as, white flour, sugar, bread, and pasta with complex carbs like brown rice and whole-grain pasta.

Eat healthy fats

Fats don’t have to be you enemy. Choose olive oil, coconut oil, palm oil, even butter. Yes, you can add butter back into your life. Note, however, that sources vary regarding whether butter is can be considered as part of an eating-clean lifestyle. I am including it. There are only a few ingredients, cream and salt. By the way, I do honor the portion size.


I know the dreaded portion size. Who only eats one portion of anything???

I hate measuring out one portion size. Reality hits—Oh a portion is that small, huh, who knew? Well, I have measured out and weighed out so many one-portion sizes that now I can pretty much eyeball one portion. Give it a try; measure and weigh out one portion size so you get an idea of how much you should be eating.


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Clean Eating

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Clean Eating

Do I Need a Goal Beyond Eating Clean?


Remember I told you that I used to be an amateur competitive body-builder? I shared that bit of info for a reason, and it wasn’t for you to think, “Boy, she really let herself go.” I actually had someone say that to me once.

Well, my daughter decided last year that she was going to body-build and start competing. Of course I was the supportive mom and encouraged her to hang in there when she was getting ready for a competition and didn’t think she could handle the prep diet. Believe me it is awful; it brought back memories of my competition prep days that I didn’t want to relive.

In case you’re wondering, my daughter did really well in her first competition. She won her novice class and placed second all around. I am sure many parents would think about reliving glory days. But I didn’t give those glory days one iota of thought. I was happy to help my daughter prepare to get on stage and to scream and yell in the audience when she performed her routine. During the entire completion with all of the gorgeous men and women, I was looking forward to the Cuban meal that we were going to have after the competition. Always the foodie.

About a week after my daughter’s competition—clearly she had forgotten the whining about the precompetition diet—she texted and said, “Now that you’re working out, you need a goal.” I was like, “Huh, why do I need a goal for my workouts?” Being from the texting generation in which responses are short, she replied, “You just do.” The next day she texted again and said, “I think you should work toward body-building again; that should be your goal.” I wanted her to elaborate. She responded, “We could be a mother –daughter duo.” Uhmm, let me think about this—Notttttt!!! I only thought the expletives, I didn’t voice them.

Body-building? My love of enjoying great food, not sure I want to give up, slow cooked short ribs, fried codfish cakes, creamed chipped beef (no really, my mother makes excellent creamed chipped beef), homemade pizza, chicken tikka marsala, falafel with extra tahini. Ok, my taste buds are little eclectic.

I am still not convinced that I need a goal beyond eating clean 95% of the time.

Clean Eating, Summer

Hazy Lazy Days of Summer


I used to think, “I will be more successful eating healthy during the summer months because I love summer fruit. I will eat more fruit and less junk food, so ultimately I will lose weight.” But with tasty, healthy summer fruit comes glorious family cookouts, food festivals, and snowball stands. So there went that idea!

I just love summertime: Maryland blue crabs, crab cakes, and cantaloupe, and of course Baltimore’s beloved egg custard snowballs– I know, that sounds weird, but they’re DELICIOUS. Summertime is also the hardest time for me to eat clean. Of course eating clean is supposed to be a lifestyle, but I’m human and still working out all the kinks. Part of me just wants to declare the summer as “anything goes,” but this probably isn’t a great idea.

Nothing goes better with some fresh Maryland blue crab than 3 to 4 bottles of ice-cold Budweiser, and I don’t mean Bud Light. Summer also means coleslaw, homemade potato salad, grilled hotdogs, hamburgers, barbecue ribs (with my mother’s homemade barbecue sauce), and brats cooked in beer—yum! Oh and of course I can’t forget the many desserts…strawberry shortcake, lemon bars, ice cream sandwiches, and so much more.

Well, I’ve decided that I’m not going to fight it. I’m jumping in with both feet. Clean eating doesn’t have to be restrictive. I believe you should still allow yourself to enjoy a meal or a favorite item that would not be considered clean eating. So, during the lazy, hazy days of summer, I am going to eat clean when I am not having steamed crabs, beer, summer salads and summer deserts. I will enjoy the cook-outs and crab feast and get back on track the next day.