About me, where do I begin? Well I’ll start with my name, I’m Shevon, and I am a hardcore foodie. I love everything about food! I love to cook food, I love to eat food, I love learning about food, pretty much anything having to do with food I love. But at 54 years old, 5 foot nothing and 174 pounds, I must say I need to control the love.

Over the years, I lost well over a hundred pounds and have gained each and every pound back and more. If you saw me 28 years ago you’d never think I’d be here. I was about 120 pounds of lean muscle, and competing as a female body builder. I competed for about two years, and it was awful for me a foodie. My family members are awesome cooks and I hate working out.

Shevon Body Builder

The body builder diet sucked for me. The workouts were tough, but the eating bland food was worst. I ate no added fat, bland chicken breast and steamed veggies no butter. I worked out six days a week and often twice a day, cardio in the morning and weights in the evening. So after two years and the birth of my daughter, I decided I was going to enjoy food again!

And enjoy I did….

Shevon Past Year

As I said I have lost over a hundred pounds and gained them all back plus a few extra; but a few years ago I decided that I was no longer going to yo-yo diet. I made a goal that I simply wanted to be a healthier me. I got the “bright idea” that I would start eating better and not focus on dieting and losing weight.

With my new goal in mind a bought a book entitled the Schwarzbein Principle, and as I read through the sections things made sense to me, and best of all seemed doable! I removed all foods from my diet that had ingredients that I couldn’t pronounce and didn’t recognize. I ate whole grains, and fats and dare I say it CARBS! I lost about 10 pounds without even exercising.

After I lost the initial ten pounds I decided to actually exercise, even though I hate it. At the time my daughter had a Wii exercise board and I began using it. I swear the thing would groan every time I stepped on it. But even as it groaned, I kept working and lost another 10 pounds! I eventually got tired of the Wii and decided to join a gym and hire a trainer *insert horrified face here*. I ended up losing another 10 pounds working with a trainer, and with 30 pounds down I moved out of the plus sized clothing department!

Now even though I have moved out of the plus sized department, my journey is still ongoing. My daughter has decided that I need a goal, so we are working on establishing a goal to keep my journey going. She says I should compete in the Masters or I should start power lifting. My response was not very nice and can’t repeat it.

While I want to maintain my healthy life style, I can never give up my glorious food, so I have decided to go on a foodie fitness journey! I hope to prove to myself and other people that losing weight doesn’t mean you have to eat bland and tasteless food. I plan to lose weight while still enjoying my food.

I find cooking and baking relaxing. As I develop recipes, which I feel are worthy of a foodie I will share them with you. I will share with you my meal plans, not diet plans, because this is a lifestyle not a diet. I will also be sharing my workouts, and post not only on here, but also YouTube.

At the age of 53 I am taking complete control and going to be the best Fit Foodie that I can be.

I hope you will join me on my Foodies Fit Journey….

Foodies Fit Journey Week 1

Foodies Fit Journey Week 1