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BMW Weight Loss Plan

BMW Weight Loss Plan

My BMW Weight Loss Plan

My BMW Weight Lost Plan

Thanks to BMW I’ve been on the right track for my weight loss journey. Who would have thought a luxury car company would help me to start losing weight, I surely didn’t. Give me a chance to explain, because I truly hope that nobody else becomes a victim of this weight loss plan.

In the past month I have dropped seven pounds and I attribute my weight loss to miles and miles of walking and biking riding paired for lifting weights. Why would one walk to the gym on leg day? I would have to be insane since the walk back from my gym is completely up hill, but thanks to a defective engine in my 2009 BMW 328i, I have no choice but to walk.

After multiple repairs to my heating and cooling system while the car was under warranty – now that the car is no longer under warranty – BMW has determined the root cause of the cars failing heat. BMW has now determined that my car needs a new engine. I have been told that my magnesium block is porous, which is a fancy way of saying that my car’s engine has a hole and is leaking coolant and isn’t drivable. My car only has 55,614 miles and is a DUD! BMW has offered to pay 60% of the $18,454 cost to replace my engine and I have to cover the remaining 40%  ($7, 418 + tax); but after paying for my car in full and keeping up with regular maintenance I think it’s a ridiculous request, which takes me back to my BMW weight loss plan…

I haven’t ridden my bike in 16 years, but I had to pull it out. Riding to the gym was a breeze. I was going down hill and could feel the wind flowing through my helmet, but the 2-mile ride going back home uphill was another story. Joggers and WALKERS passed me; I can’t even say I was embarrassed because I was so tired.

On days that I don’t bike around town I set out on foot, which is an equally difficult tasks in the city. One day I felt adventurous and walked the 2-miles to the gym, I felt great, completed my workout and then had to call Uber when I thought about the idea of walking the 2 miles up hill back home.

While I appreciate the fresh air and weight loss, I don’t appreciate the fact that a car that I have paid for is completely useless. I hope that in the next few weeks I will be able to come to an agreement with BMW that’s doesn’t involve me contributing the equivalent of closing costs for a house; but until then I will be walking, biking, eating right, and shedding these extra pounds.