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Hazy Lazy Days of Summer


I used to think, “I will be more successful eating healthy during the summer months because I love summer fruit. I will eat more fruit and less junk food, so ultimately I will lose weight.” But with tasty, healthy summer fruit comes glorious family cookouts, food festivals, and snowball stands. So there went that idea!

I just love summertime: Maryland blue crabs, crab cakes, and cantaloupe, and of course Baltimore’s beloved egg custard snowballs– I know, that sounds weird, but they’re DELICIOUS. Summertime is also the hardest time for me to eat clean. Of course eating clean is supposed to be a lifestyle, but I’m human and still working out all the kinks. Part of me just wants to declare the summer as “anything goes,” but this probably isn’t a great idea.

Nothing goes better with some fresh Maryland blue crab than 3 to 4 bottles of ice-cold Budweiser, and I don’t mean Bud Light. Summer also means coleslaw, homemade potato salad, grilled hotdogs, hamburgers, barbecue ribs (with my mother’s homemade barbecue sauce), and brats cooked in beer—yum! Oh and of course I can’t forget the many desserts…strawberry shortcake, lemon bars, ice cream sandwiches, and so much more.

Well, I’ve decided that I’m not going to fight it. I’m jumping in with both feet. Clean eating doesn’t have to be restrictive. I believe you should still allow yourself to enjoy a meal or a favorite item that would not be considered clean eating. So, during the lazy, hazy days of summer, I am going to eat clean when I am not having steamed crabs, beer, summer salads and summer deserts. I will enjoy the cook-outs and crab feast and get back on track the next day.