Clean Eating

Clean Eating

Eating clean, to me, means eating foods in their natural state or as close as possible. Don’t think of eating clean as a diet, but rather, as a lifestyle.

I don’t think that I will ever give up my Ben and Jerry’s Chunky Monkey, Coffee Toffee Crunch, or, my favorite, Chocolate Therapy. So, to keep it simple, here are a few steps to clean eating.

Eat five to six times a day.

I’ve stopped labeling my meals breakfast, lunch and dinner. I now just refer to them as a meal or a mini–meal.

Eat organic

Although expensive, try to purchase organic foods. I purchase organic chicken, milk and eggs. I eat lots of chicken and eggs. Also, I love a glass of milk with my peanut butter on Ezekiel Cinnamon and Raisin toast.

Stay hydrated – Drink at least two liters of water a day

The amount of water a body needs depends on a number of factors, health, how active you are, and where you live. Staying with the “keeping it simple” theme, keep the 8 by 8 by rule in mind (8- 8 oz. glasses of water per day). It’s just shy of two liters recommended, but 8 by 8 is easy to remember.

Read your labels

Clean foods usually contain no more than two ingredients and they are easy to read and pronounce.

Avoid processed and refined foods

Replace foods such as, white flour, sugar, bread, and pasta with complex carbs like brown rice and whole-grain pasta.

Eat healthy fats

Fats don’t have to be you enemy. Choose olive oil, coconut oil, palm oil, even butter. Yes, you can add butter back into your life. Note, however, that sources vary regarding whether butter is can be considered as part of an eating-clean lifestyle. I am including it. There are only a few ingredients, cream and salt. By the way, I do honor the portion size.


I know the dreaded portion size. Who only eats one portion of anything???

I hate measuring out one portion size. Reality hits—Oh a portion is that small, huh, who knew? Well, I have measured out and weighed out so many one-portion sizes that now I can pretty much eyeball one portion. Give it a try; measure and weigh out one portion size so you get an idea of how much you should be eating.


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Clean Eating

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