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I am back at the gym- Leg day

Last week I finally got a car after being without one for three months because BMW sold me a car with a defective engine and refused to take full responsibility for its shoddy workmanship. So, getting to the gym has been a challenge.

I never thought I would have say this, but I missed going to the gym. Perhaps, I don’t actually hate working out. Wait…No, I do. I do however miss how the workouts made me feel. I had more energy, I slept better and most of the time I ate better. Don’t get the wrong idea though; I was getting in plenty of physical activity. Because I was without a car, I walked to and from work, and I would walk to take care of my errands. Occasionally, I would work up the nerve to ride my bike. I am not a strong rider so city bike riding is a bit daunting for me, never the less, I stuck to it. Eventually, I will become a strong rider.

Even though I was unable to make it to the gym and eat the way I should I actually lost 7-pounds the first month without a car. Probably because my body wasn’t use to walking, along with the working-out I’m not a fan of walking. I’m a slow walker, and it seems to take me forever to get anywhere. However, I didn’t have too many options, either walk or stay home. So I decided to walk, no matter how slow.

In honor of my first day back at the gym I decided to tackle LEG DAY! Below is my workout; thank goodness I won’t have to walk/bike home afterwards.


Back Squats Weight
Sets/Repetitions 4/12
Leg extensions Weight
Sets/Repetitions 4/15
Leg Press Weight
Sets/Repetitions 5/10
Seated leg curl Weight
Sets/Repetitions 4/15
Seated calf raises Weights
Sets/Repetitions 4/15
Jump rope Weight
Sets/time 5/30 seconds

Use of this exercise plan is at the sole choice and risk of the reader.
Please consult your healthcare provider before beginning an exercise routine.