I am truly a die-hard foodie. I started out of my love for family and food. The website is devoted to sharing family traditions through food. Every recipe is based on a family recipe, which shares a story through taste.

I started cooking before I could read. I remember my first culinary effort—scrambled eggs. My mother, sister, and I ate scrambled eggs all day that day. Come to think of it, my mother doesn’t really like eggs. What mothers will do for their kids!

I was blessed to have great cooks in my family and fortunate enough to capture many of their recipes. It was hard because when I would ask for a recipe, they would say “a little of this and a little of that and a pinch of this and a pinch of that.” So, it took some trial and error on my part. I think I was called every name in the book by a few family members – in a loving way of course, lol – as I hounded them for the their recipes. I called some up on the phone and this was before there were cordless phones and they patiently gave me their recipes over the phone.