Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day Splurge Meal-Out




Mother’s Day Splurge Meal-Out

I couldn’t think of a better day to splurge than Mother’s day. This year on Mother’s Day my daughter took me out for brunch. I figured it was the perfect day to indulge in a controlled splurge. I have learned over the years that a splurge meal doesn’t have to be eating everything including the kitchen sink. It’s all about enjoying a meal that I don’t eat routinely.

We decided celebrate at The Food Market, which is located in section of Baltimore called Hampden. We had eaten there a while ago and thoroughly enjoyed it so we decided to pay a second visit to splurge—not binge.

In the past I would binge-eat, meaning overeating to the point where I felt like the man in that old Alka-Seltzer commercial—“I can’t believe I ate the whole thing.” Today, rather than binge, I splurge. My splurge meal consists of foods that I don’t eat on a daily basis, such as a bacon cheeseburger. I rarely eat the entire burger because half seems to fill me up and I am satisfied. I do eat the fries. I usually order a salad, not for health reasons, but because I just love salads. Well, actually, I love salad dressing. I always ask for the dressing on the side just in case I don’t like it. Once I determine that I like it, I usually ask for extra.

So, this time at The Food Market for my Mother’s Day meal I began with the Heath Bar Crunch pancakes at my daughter’s suggestions. Wow, were they good! The next part of the meal, however, was just OK—Eggs Benedict. I really enjoy Eggs Benedict but don’t make it at home because there’s too many ingredients and it takes too much effort for just one meal for one. So, I only eat this dish in restaurants. I decided to try the pork belly Eggs Benedict. I don’t enjoy fatty meats and this was confirmed when I had this meal However, my daughter enjoyed it. We are like that kids rhyme, Jack Sprat could eat no fat his wife could eat no lean. I am Jack Sprat, that is when it comes to eating fatty meats, and my daughter is his wife. Sometimes, I wonder if she is my child, but since she sort of looks like me, I guess she wasn’t switched at birth.

All in all, my meal was just ok. But my spicy Bloody Mary was fantastic! The Food Market infuses Tito’s vodka – one of my favorites- with jalapenos. The drink has just the right amount of heat and enough vodka to know that I ordered a cocktail.

I’d also like to add a disclaimer that while I didn’t enjoy this particular meal (specifically, the Eggs Benedict) at Food Market, my last visit was spectacular. If you are ever in Baltimore, this place is a must. I know it will be on my permanent list for splurge meals out.